German Event Creative Ranking 2024: insglück leads once again

Ig News Ranking2024
02. Feb 2024 •• Press article •• 2 min read

It's official: insglück leads the German Event Creative Ranking 2024. This is the eighth time that the brand experience agency with offices in Berlin, Cologne, Hamburg, and Zurich has taken the top spot, remaining the long-term winner of the creative competition. This year, the agency was able to secure first place with the projects "BIOTOPIA German Garden Floriade Expo" and "BERNER Brand Launch Events" - which, in addition to excellent creation, also impressed with their sustainability concepts.

Ig News Ranking2024

"We are overjoyed and grateful! Projects from the heart, hearty people, and the will to always create something special - something that stands out - have once again brought us to the top of the rankings," says CCO Frederik Nimmesgern with satisfaction.

Since securing first place for the first time in 2016, the agency has maintained its leading position almost continuously and proceeds to demonstrate its creative potential. A success story that is possible also, or perhaps especially, thanks to a team that has scored highly over the years with its diversity and very distinct projects.

“Our team works at a high and consistent level while striving for innovation and actively shaping the changes in our industry.”

— Frederik Nimmesgern, CCO of insglück

This spirit is also reflected in the two outstanding projects with which insglück won the creative competitions. BIOTOPIA and BERNER's brand relaunch were not only characterized by convincing creative concepts, but also by their sustainable orientation. "Our award-winning projects have demonstrated how sustainable topics can be communicated in an entertaining and engaging way on the one hand and how planning, logistics and recycling can be ecologically sustainable on the other," explains Frederik Nimmesgern.

The German Garden BIOTOPIA blossomed at Floriade Expo 2022 to the delight of visitors and award juries in the spirit of a visionary urban utopia. Embedded in a modular wooden construction, the participatory exhibition presented progressive approaches and pioneering methods for a sustainable connection between nature and urban space. BIOTOPIA not only dealt with sustainable solutions - the pavilion construction itself was also sustainable! The components were subsequently reused or recycled.

“Being number one of the Creative Ranking for eight years and three top awards at BrandEx 2024 - that's definitely an inspiring start to the year for us.”

— Christoph Kirst, CSO of insglück

insglück carries this same energy right into February. Nimmesgern and Kirst reveal: "We will soon be welcoming our new Strategy, Campaigning & Consulting unit to insglück. Our newest location in Zurich will also continue to grow. Plus, creative highlight projects, such as the design of the Kuwait Pavilion in Osaka - ideal conditions for a great insglück year 2024.

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