Union Investment / InvestmentAktuell

Conference & Meeting
Once a year Union Investment delivers deep insights and new perspectives on trendsetting topics to the directors of its partner banks.

The asset management company hosts its most important event of the year, InvestmentAktuell, to inspire its partners and reinforce their loyalty. On 3 May 2018 it welcomed around 250 invited guests to Palmengarten in Frankfurt. Reflecting the motto of “WeltWeitSichten” [GlobalPerspectives] insglück staged the key message – the brand value of “forward looking” – as the driving force and creative element of the event. The congress, attended by distinguished members of the political, business and academic communities, represented the rational side of the coin. The evening gala represented the other, intuitive side. “Art doesn’t just reproduce the visible, but makes visible what commonly is not seen.” This quote by Paul Klee served as the ethos for a visually stunning scenario that transformed the room into a living art exhibition spanning several centuries.






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