BMWi / German Pavilion Expo Astana 2017

Exhibition & Fair

The German story of future energy – World of experience German Pavilion

The German Pavilion at the EXPO 2017 in Astana showcases the German energy sector transformation according to the motto of “Energy on Track“. It uses an appealing mix of information and entertainment to present sustainable technologies, innovative processes and pioneering solutions. The EXPO syndicate, with insglück as lead agency, gtp2 architekten and mac messe- und austellungscenter Service, is responsible for the German Pavilion’s concept and implementation. The selection committee, whose members included representatives of the responsible Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi), other government ministries, federal states, associations, expert panels and the implementation company Hamburg Messe & Congress GmbH, was particularly impressed by the holistic overall composition and stringent dramaturgy at the pitch in June 2016.

The exhibition tour is based around the idea of “zooming in”. In the first exhibition area, “Map of the Future“, visitors explore the potential offered by regenerative energies from a bird’s eye perspective. The second exhibition area, “City of the Future“, brings them in closer to the local environments where people live. The Energy Show is the most emotional experience in the Pavilion. It puts the focus on people as the main drivers of the energy sector transformation in a fascinating shared experience.

The German Pavilion’s communication concept is experience-based with a total of 15 exhibits to touch, try out and join in. Smart sticks help the visitors to have a more intensive interactive experience of each theme. They use them to activate exhibits, display background information and collect the smart points they need to activate the energy show at the end.