#SocialDay: insglück gifts happiness on the International Day of Happiness

Ig News Weltgllückstag
20. Mar 2024 •• Press article •• 2 min read

To mark the International Day of Happiness, insglück once again celebrates its Happiness Day (Glückstag). A day on which all employees donate happiness together as a team and focus on solidarity and community.

In the weeks leading up to the Happiness Day, the teams in Berlin, Zurich, Hamburg, and Cologne once again looked around their local areas for projects to support. The focus was on social and ecological initiatives that have a direct positive impact on the community.

Ig News Weltgllückstag

insglück Berlin dedicates itself to a big spring cleaning at the Kreativhaus Berlin.

The social institution is a central location for cultural education and intergenerational discourse. Thanks to the commitment of insglück, joined this year by the Zurich team, this oasis of togetherness will become even more inviting. In addition to cleaning and painting the facilities, the team will also prepare the garden for spring and future community projects. These touch-ups contribute to a space that invites creative and social exchange. www.kreativhaus-berlin.de

Hamburg lends a hand at MAhL ZEIT Altona.

The local initiative is committed to helping the homeless and offers people in need a warm and peaceful place to stay with breakfast and a hot lunch. insglück is fully committed to supporting this mission: in addition to cooking and distributing food, the team will also help with the distribution of clothing. www.mahlzeit-altona.de

Cologne supports the MÜLLseum by KRAKE e.V.

an initiative that is committed to cleaning up the banks of the Rhine and creating works of art from the garbage it collects. The innovative project raises awareness about waste avoidance and recycling. insglück is not only delighted to be involved in the waste collection campaign but is also determined to create a work of art from the collected materials that can later be exhibited in the MÜLLseum. www.krake.koeln/projekte/muellseum

“The International Day of Happiness has become a highlight for all of us and a happening we would like to maintain in the future.”

— Anne Karcher, Senior Manager People & Culture

"Last year's experiences have shown us how important and enriching our commitment to the community is. Not only are we given the opportunity to make a social and ecological contribution, but we also strengthen our team spirit and live our corporate values", concludes Anne Karcher.