insglück on cloud 7: top spot in creative event ranking for seventh time

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Ig web news ranking
16. Jan 2023 •• Press article •• 3 min read

It was announced last week that insglück is #1 in the German Event Creative Ranking 2023 – for the seventh time in succession. After securing the top spot for the first time in 2016, the agency has defended its leadership almost every year since. That’s impressive proof of the team’s ability to deliver leading-edge creative concepts time after time.

The German Event Creative Ranking has been published by BlachReport since 2005 and it pays tribute to exceptionally creative event marketing and live communication achievements. It is based on an evaluation of agencies’ national and international award achievements in event-specific categories, including the ADC Awards, Golden Award of Montreux, BEA World, Galaxy Award and BrandEx Award.

Ig web news ranking

“Creativity is our superpower.”

— Frederik Nimmesgern, CCO insglück

The first thing CCO Frederik Nimmesgern thought when he heard that insglück had held on to the number one position was, “Fantastic! It’s a great tribute to the consistent and exceptional performance of our creative teams. We’re also proud of the sheer variety of projects that have helped us to win awards over the years,” he added. “From brand space communications and events to technology, brand activation and digital events, shows and performances.”

The award-winning insglück projects in 2022 that were included in the 2023 Event Creative Ranking show the scale of the agency’s excellence. They include the impressive Kasakhstan Pavilon at Expo 2020 in Dubai, which won practically all relevant sector awards in vastly different categories, from set design & architecture through digital installation to brand identity.

Another pavilion with a very different concept, but also an award winner, was the German Garden ‘BIOTOPIA’ at Floriade Expo 2022. It comprised a modular and sustainable wooden structure housing an interactive exhibition of innovative solutions and forward-thinking concepts for green urban environments.

Last but not least, the agency underscored its digital competence by designing award-winning, interactive online events such as eBay Open and Vodafone’s GIGA XMAS Kitchen Party.

“Creativity can’t exist without people.”

— Christian Poswa, CEO insglück

CEO Christian Poswa is also thrilled and thankful. “The authors of our success story are the members of our creative team.” Frederik Nimmersgern emphasised that creativity doesn’t just happen out of the blue. It lives and breathes because of and through people.

“We’re a very versatile team with a comprehensive skill set from many different backgrounds. That’s exactly what you need to create good concepts: contrasts, different approaches and different perspectives.”

That’s why our team always delivers excellent results, whatever the client. “They’re always focused on creating something special and new – something that stands out. But it isn’t just the creative team who have that focus; everyone here at insglück shares the same mindset. Creativity is our superpower,” explained Frederik Nimmesgern.

Creativity obviously isn’t an end in itself either. “Our experiences and our communications have to meet objectives, reflect values and make connections. For that to work teamwork and trust are essential – both within the agency and in the relationships with clients.”

A great start to an eventful 2023

In addition to retaining its #1 position in the Event Creative Ranking the agency collected four more awards at BrandEx 2023 for the Kazakhstan pavilion. “That’s a great and really motivating start to the year,” said a delighted Christian Poswa.

“The 2023 pipeline is already pretty full. We’re still on course for growth and we’re hoping to be in some very exciting places in the first quarter. Luckily many of our clients have started their annual planning early, so we have much longer planning horizons this year than we did in 2022. We’re also getting ready to open insglück’s first overseas office very soon. In other words: we’re really looking forward to 2023!”